Deshae Lott

determined sojourner

Health care equipment

This describes how Deshae's equipment intended to compensate for general loss of muscle but for specifically diaphragm failure is used on a daily basis. Below lists individually the various equipments so used:

  • Bivona Adult Fome-Cuf Tracheostomy Tube
        The kind I use (7mm; smallest available is 5 mm). Portex is another similar kind of tube.
  • Chest vest -- "The Vest" 
        To delay disease progression, excess secretions must be mobilized and cleared. The Vest™ system uses a technology called high-frequency chest wall oscillation (HFCWO). The system has an inflatable vest connected by tubes to a generator. During therapy, the vest inflates and deflates rapidly, applying gentle pressure to the chest wall. This works to loosen and thin mucus and to move it toward the larger airways, where it can be cleared by coughing or suctioning.

  • CoughAssist In-Exsufflator
        Simulates a cough to help clear stuff out of the lungs, or otherwise infectious matter could colonize there.
  • CoughAssist 360
         A portable version of the device described above.
  • DeVilbiss Home Care suction machine
        Used to dislodge and remove excess obstruction in the airway. See here a guide to accomplish this.
  • Permobil C500-VS
        Premium electric chair that has the fabulous ability to stand, recline all the way back, and have a vent mounted on, and can even be driven while standing.

  • Quickie S646-SE Wheelchair
        Premium electric chair that not only moves around but provides tilting functions to reduce pressure points, and can have a vent mounted on it.
  • Power Neb Ultra Nebulizer
        Shoots compressed air into circuitry to enable delivery of inhalable medicines.
  • Posey Foam Trach Ties
        Designed to help prevent removal, extubation, and decannulation by attaching to a tube and being tied around the neck. 
  • Pulmonetic Systems LTV-950
        A lightweight, portable mechanical vent I currently use.
  • Roho Group
        Manufacturer of seat cushions in standard or customized forms.
  • Rollx Vans
        Provides expert modification of vehicles for the disabled.

  • Völkner Turning System
        It rotates me as I lay in bed, allowing for both myself and my husband to sleep and reduces the chances of pressure sores.