Deshae Lott

determined sojourner

Read her profile in the Texas A&M University College of Liberal Arts News, Jan. 2019.

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Deshae in her home, July 2014

Deshae's message for you:

Welcome! I often prefer conversations to one-sided presentations. Conversational exchange better allows me opportunities to express the lovely Seneca greeting (in translation): "thank you for being!" Here, that's less easy. However, my husband's and my hope in creating this site is that it might serve as a resource for those searching for the kind of information, strategies, or encouragement my life experiences can offer.  In a sense, we hope it testifies to the sacredness of human life, however unusual and challenging the body.  We hope you find it infused with our gratitude for being and our mutual respect and concern for others' being.  What you can find on my site is a little information about my life story, including my academic life, my health experiences, my spiritual studies, and my other publications documenting those. You might also be interested in the scholarship for graduate students at my alma mater that the nonprofit organization I established created.  Whoever you are, thanks for visiting this site. Cheers to keeping on keeping on as long as any of us have the resources to do so!  I hope you have a lovely day: a day in which you think critically but also think imaginatively.

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Lemonade for Sale
Read more about Deshae and of her life philosophy in her first essay collection,  Lemonade for Sale.

from "DESHAE"

"a Visage
and Brimming
With affectionate
the Smile of
and Authentic"

John J McDermott, Ph.D. December 1, 2002

Deshae, an image inspired by  Shakespeare's poetry

by Aaron DaMommio
February 11, 1988

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